All our work is centered on three principles…

Teamwork. Expertise. Synergy.

The Collective Philosophy


Collective Strategies is a client-centered company providing the most innovative and effective solutions to achieve our clients’ objectives. We are a partnership between six established strategists, which allows for a more coordinated and comprehensive political effort for our clients.


Collective Strategies is distinctly positioned because every partner brings with them an area of expertise in the policy, public affairs, political, and electoral arenas. Our balance and expertise put our clients in the best position to win.


Together, our partners possess a synergy that allows us to provide every client a wide array of services to achieve their objectives. Decades of experience have shown us that this level of coordination is essential to success.


We combine 100+ years of experience with 300+ victories.

Collon Kennedy


Collon, Principal of Colorado Communiqué, has over twenty years of public policy and campaign strategy experience. He has extensive legislative, administrative and political experience in all levels of state and local governments. Collon has and continues to represent numerous Fortune 500 companies, large industry/professional associations, and state programs and agencies. In addition to lobbying and government relations, Collon has managed many political campaigns from the municipal to the federal level.

Philip Hayes


Philip, Principal of Populi Public Affairs, brings over two decades of experience in legislative lobbying, electoral campaign management, issue advocacy, grassroots organizing, and organizational leadership for the benefit of our clients. Philip has established a reputation as an honest, aggressive lobbyist with a knack for working with stakeholders of all stripes. Philip balances focused strategic planning with his extremely competitive nature to stay a few steps ahead of the opposition. Nothing makes him happier than when a good plan comes together.

Georgie Aguirre-Sacasa


Georgie, Principal of Double G + J Strategies, brings over 15 years of expertise in expert coalition building, campaign management, and project management to Collective Strategies. Whether managing multi-million dollar organizations, ballot initiatives and political campaigns, Georgie has won at both national and state level. Her experience managing one of the largest 501(c)4 progressive organizations brings valuable experience to our clients. Georgie brings the same deep dedication to her clients that she brings to her family. Her wealth of experience, unique, swift problem solving skills, and passion for client success makes her an asset to any business or organization.

John Salsbury


John, Principal of Mountaintop Strategies, has 14 years of experience building coalitions, grassroots organizing, developing training and political programs, and managing electoral campaigns. He has managed multi-million dollar budgets and built political movements small and large in states across the country. John has a communication and field background and in his campaign management capacity has come to believe that a strong strategic plan and well-trained team are essential to success. He focuses on creatively finding the right overall strategy to match the issue, budget, targets, and messaging to provide successful outcomes.

Gray McGinnis


Gray McGinnis, Founder and Principal of Grayline Strategy, is an experienced executive with over 15 years of political, policy development, and public affairs experience. Gray has been recognized for successfully leading strategic policy and public affairs field teams in a corporate setting for both Fortune 100 companies and International Trade Associations. Gray has developed and managed lobbying, reputation, and public affairs campaigns to influence political, legislative, and policy decisions across the United States and the European Union.

Megan Dubray

Senior Associate

Meg is a lobbyist and public relations specialist with Colorado Communiqué with several years of experience in public relations, political communications, media relations, messaging strategy, and crisis communications. Her ten years of experience has helped her fine-tune her ability to build relationships with elected officials and the media, handle multiple clients, and react with precision and speed. Meg utilizes her relationships with the members of the General Assembly and the media to ensure a cohesive strategy is implemented effectively on behalf of her clients.

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